Motta Group works to strengthen a management model that integrates economic, social and environmental sustainability in all its businesses with the aim of being competitive and contributing to the development of the communities where its production units are located.

To achieve this, it makes alliances with clients, engages with the community and its institutions, protects the environment and its resources, promotes its employees and their families, developing products that respond to parameters of rich, nutritious and healthy food.

Food quality is a central aspect of the Group's policy that entails permanent work to improve the profile and nutritional quality of the entire product line. Understanding that a healthy and nutritious diet is the basis for a healthy life, the entire line of products, with added value, comply with the nutritional values classified as healthy in various countries.

It is also key to work with educational institutions, awareness campaigns and the alliance with the Food Bank to help reduce hunger, improve nutrition and avoid food waste.

Calidad de Vida

In its connection with the community Motta Group promotes instances of training, integration and educational practices. It also accompanies the promotion and execution with the public sector of programs that directly benefit the community.

As a central aspect, complying with current legislation throughout its value chain, guarantees full employment, respect for established labor, medical, safety and hygiene standards.


Our environment is unique and it is our duty to take care of it, with this concept there are multiple actions and programs in execution.

The sustainable management that is carried out has as fundamental axes: the reuse of water in production processes, waste treatment and recycling, energy efficiency, efficiency of production processes with the use of efficient technologies and / or equipment and afforestation with reuse of water as irrigation. All the actions are intended to minimize the environmental impact by maintaining strict vigilance in order to comply with the current rules and regulations on the matter.


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Grupo Motta is an Argentine agrifood company specialized in the poultry sector, with six decades of experience, a leader in the national market and with a sustained and growing presence in the international market.