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The company

Grupo Motta is an Argentinian agro industrial Company specialized in the poultry sector, with six decades of experience, leader in the national market and with a sustainable and increasing presence in the international market.

Grupo Motta is nowadays composed by Feller S.R.L. and Complejo Alimentario S.A. (CALISA).

Cabaña Avícola Feller is number one in the Argentinian market, being the major supplier of 1-day old chicks, developing its production under the most rigorous current biosecurity standards.

With a shared vision, Complejo Alimentario S.A., known in the national and international market as CALISA, is focused in the production and commerce of chicken and hen meat, and also of a wide line of high added value products. CALISA exports its production to four continents: EUROPE, AMERICA, ASIA and AFRICA. In the domestic market it supplies the main fast food and institutional catering chains, as well as a wide variety of retail sales shops.

Being part of the 100% of the different stages of the poultry value chain, it allows Grupo Motta to offer products of guaranteed traceability, innocuousness and food safety. Origin quality guarantee, from the genetic lines and grain production import, to the manufacturing and packaging of raw, cooked and breaded products and sub-products.

It is integrated to the Management and Business Strategy with a sustainability and social responsibility – based approach, being member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2004. 


The company

Head Offices

Ramírez y Belgrano, Est. General Racedo
Dpto. Diamante (Entre Ríos) Argentina
Tel: 54 - (0343) 487 6044/65

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