Grupo Motta

Sustainability Report 2015

Grupo Motta presented a new sustainability report. Since 2004, as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, it annually reports on its progress and management in relation to the principles promoted by the international body and referring to its actions concerning environment and labor subjects and ...(sigue)

Feller SRL- Grupo Motta:" Award El Diario"

The company received a distinction in corporate social responsibility.During the awards ceremony he noted that "The Motta Group has strongly consolidated its policy of social responsibility, aligned to their daily management. Our company has made a commitment that goes beyond the role of generating work, ...(sigue)

V International Seminar of Economics for Poultry, in Ecuador

The President of Grupo Motta, Hector Motta, attended the seminar, which was specially invited, and was developed in the city of Quito in Ecuador. Ecuador - V International Seminar of Economics for Poultry 20 and August 21, 2015 technical and business meeting was held; in Quito.With the participation ...(sigue)

Two decades, an alliance of two leaders

Grupo Motta, through its Cabaña Avícola Feller company, represents in Argentina the American company, Hy-Line International. A strategic alliance based on quality, efficiency, innovation and knowledge with the best global genetics and the background and solidity of the Group. The Argentine ...(sigue)

Ramírez y Belgrano, Est. General Racedo
Dpto. Diamante (Entre Ríos) Argentina
Tel. 54 - (0343) 487 6065/75 

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