Grupo Motta

The Company

The Company

It was founded in 1958 and it leads the Argentinian market in the 1-day old chicks - trade. Its main activity is based on the genetic breeding with productive centers established in four departments of Entre Ríos province, where there are pedigree breeding birds from which fertile eggs are obtained for their subsequent hatching. From this process, it is obtained BB chicks destined to poultry farms in all provinces of the country.

“Our reason, the client” is Cabaña Feller's slogan which is translated into efficiency, genetic excellence and constant training, offering high-quality products and superior service.

 Cabaña Feller's productive centers are composed by facilities designed under strict criteria, biosecurity and traceability standarized processes followed by continuous improvement. They are integrated by the modern High- Biosecurity Complex – COBISE - , Margarita Complex and Betbeder; 2 Hatchery Plants for light and heavy lines, Balanced Feed Production Plant and Soya Processing Plant to obtain soya oil and expeller.  In addition, the Delivery Service Area, with their own specially - equipped units, and the Technical Support Area, are two strategic pillars of the service and connection with the client.

Ramírez y Belgrano, Est. General Racedo
Dpto. Diamante (Entre Ríos) Argentina
Tel. 54 - (0343) 487 6065/75 

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