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Value Chain


The poultry feed processing plant, CALISA, started its activity in 2000. It counts on cutting-edge technology equipment and internationally certified quality processes, reassuring a strict control in all the process of traceability and food security.

Slaughter Capacity: 2.000.000 birds/months


This plant started in 2005. It is a plant of high innovation and development offering the market a wide line of raw, cooked, baked and breaded high added value products. Its name is a distinction by which our country is well-known all around the world.

In the domestic and local market the products are commercialized in FoodService, Horeca and retail channels.

Immersed in permanent dynamism and a continuous I+D process, Asado products are a good and healthy option, offering ease, speed and practicality to obtain excellent meals, with extreme simplicity, optimal performance in the shortest time.

Cooking and Manufacturing Capacity: 4000 annual tons



It is a modern plant dedicated to the transformation and production of Proteins derived from Animals.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and designed according to cleaner production criteria, it allows the extraction of flour to manufacture animal food ( Petfood, Pisciculture,etc).


.Birds guts flour

.Lowash guts flour

.Bird feather flour

.Blood flour

.Chicken oil

.Eggshell flour


Maximum annual production capacity Rendering Plant: 12.000 tons/year

Ramírez y Belgrano, Est. General Racedo
Dpto. Diamante (Entre Ríos) Argentina
Tel. 54 - (0343) 487 6044/45

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