Grupo Motta

Two decades, an alliance of two leaders

Grupo Motta, through its Cabaña Avícola Feller company, represents in Argentina the American company, Hy-Line International. A strategic alliance based on quality, efficiency, innovation and knowledge with the best global genetics and the background and solidity of the Group.

The Argentine company has recently approved a new strategic agreement with Hy-Line International. They both ratified their commitment of permanent work to meet the demand of more than 50% of the Argentine market. The genetics of their products are showing, year after year, concrete steps forward based on biosafety, quality and yields, which is translated in better economic results.

Both companies understand the need for a synergistic relationship, being profitable, and offering quality and safety as central axes to maintain the leadership achieved.

This strategic alliance, which lasted almost two decades, has made it possible to reach every Argentine province, consolidating with clients who are, in turn, leaders in the egg-producing sector.

The alliance, beyond the strictly commercial aspect, shares a sustainable and successful common culture that requires effort, commitment, responsibility, professionalism and, above all, a genuine conviction of moving forward with a strategic vision in the continuous improvement path. 


Two decades, an alliance of two leaders

Head Offices

Ramírez y Belgrano, Est. General Racedo
Dpto. Diamante (Entre Ríos) Argentina
Tel: 54 - (0343) 487 6044/65

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